Former US President Donald Trump will create his own social network to “stand up against big tech”. The platform will be called TRUTH Social and will be launched in early November, initially for invitees only.

Wall Street Investors Take A Breather

The stock exchanges in New York showed small increases at the start of the trading day on Wednesday. After five sessions of mostly gains in a row, stock traders slowed down a bit.

Philip Morris Suffers from Chip Shortage for E-Cigarettes

Tobacco producer Philip Morris International is suffering from global shortages of semiconductors. The company uses chips for its IQOS devices, electronic cigarettes that heat up rather than burning tobacco capsules, which it says are less harmful to health than smoking.

REvil Ransomware Gang Stops After Being Hacked Itself

The spreaders of the REvil ransomware are shutting down (again) now that their payment portal, server and site itself have been hacked.

Wall Street Higher After US and Goldman Sachs Retail Sales Figures

The stock exchanges in New York opened with a profit on Friday, after the solid pluses a day earlier. Investors on Wall Street are mainly focused on the quarterly figures of investment bank Goldman Sachs and US retail sales.

Erdogan Intervenes Again at Turkish Central Bank

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has again intervened at the Turkish central bank. The president fired three members of the regulator’s monetary policy committee (MPC) and appointed two new ones in their place.

US Largest Bitcoin Producer After Chinese Crypto Market Collapse

The United States has taken over from China as the largest “producer” of bitcoins. Previously, powerful computer systems in the Asian country accounted for most of the bitcoins arriving worldwide.

Google Cloud will Soon be Running in Every Data Centre

On Google Cloud Next, Google announces that its cloud solutions will soon be able to run almost anywhere. An overview of the main announcements.

London Police Stop Investigating Prince Andrew in Abuse Case

The London police stopped their investigation into the abuse case in which the British Prince Andrew (61), the second son of the Queen, is said to be involved.

New York Stocks Slightly Higher After Disappointing US Jobs Report

Stock markets in New York opened Friday with small gains. Investors on Wall Street mainly focus on the US government jobs report, which came in much weaker than expected.

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